Terms & Conditions

Welcome to I woof U. We have built I woof U to be able to give dogs and dog owners a better life. Here you should be able to be social with other dog owners and also be able to buy and sell services such as dog sitting. Via our app, dog owners (customers) and dog sitters (sellers) can agree on prices for the services and ensure that they are performed in a safe manner. We have tried to write our terms of use as clearly and easily understood as possible. Unfortunately, different legal requirements make this a difficult task. Therefore, we ask you, if you have any thoughts or something you are hesitant about, to contact us directly.

1. General and definitions

I woof U is a digital marketplace for the provision and provision of dog care and dog walks (“Service“). The service is offered via a smartphone application (“App“) and via a website (“Website“). The app and the Website are collectively referred to as the “Platform“. The Service and the Platform are provided by Luna Design AB, corporate identity number 555295-7780, with headquarters located at Thure Bruces väg 2 in Hok (“Luna Design AB“).

These Terms of Use, as updated from time to time, (“Terms“) apply to anyone who registers with the Platform and creates an account (“User“). A registration through the Platform is a prerequisite for gaining access to the Service. By using the Service, you accept these Terms and agree to abide by them. Users who post or intend to post job advertisements, ie. request for execution of Assignments, for execution and / or may Assignments performed through the Service are referred to in these Terms as “Purchaser“.

Users who apply to be allowed to perform the Assignments during the assignment advertisements and / or perform work within the Service are called “Contractors“. The assignments and services that the Contractor performs via the Service in accordance with the terms of the Service (including these Terms) are called “Assignments“. Assignment advertisements that are posted in the Service by the Client in order to become an Assignment and which the Contractor can apply to perform, are called “Advertisement“.

I woof U reserves the right from time to time to update both these Terms and other terms for the Service. Users will be notified of such changes via email and / or when logging in to the Platform. User is responsible for the accuracy of the e-mail address provided by him or her. However, it is the responsibility of each User to keep himself informed of the terms (both these Terms and other applicable terms) that apply at any given time.

2. Use of the Service

2.1 General information about the Service

The service is a marketplace where Users can get in touch with each other for ordering and performing Assignments, which are provided through I woof U. Clients can either contact the Contractor directly or create an Advertisement that the Contractor then registers interest in. Clients can then, via the Service, choose to, through I woof U, conclude an agreement with the Contractor regarding the performance of the Assignment.

The service itself is free to use (create an account, get in touch and discuss assignments) as long as the assignments are paid for via I woof U. When paying, I woof U charges a platform fee.

It is not permitted to contact people via I woof U for the purpose of recruiting them for assignments that are then paid outside I woof U.

2.2 Mission

Agreements on the performance of individual Assignments are concluded between the Purchaser and I woof U and between I woof U and the Contractor by ordering in the Service. The starting point is that the Client and Contractor on the Platform and within the framework of the Service agree on the terms of the individual Assignment in the Platform (a “Booking“). An agreement on Assignment is entered into when the Booking for the Assignment agreed between the Purchaser and the Contractor has been approved by I woof U, see more about this in section 2.3 below. Woof U reserves the right to unilaterally refuse to enter into agreements on individual Assignments. I woof U also reserves the right to revoke its approval of an Assignment before the Assignment has begun, regardless of the reason for this. If I woof U does not approve the Assignment or revokes its approval before the Assignment begins, the parties’ agreement on Assignment expires in its entirety and no party (ie neither I woof U nor the Users concerned) has any claim of any kind (on for example, fulfillment or financial requirements) due to the current Assignment.

I woof U receives full ownership and disposal rights as well as copyright and other intellectual property rights to all work and materials that have been created and added in connection with the performance of Assignments, while Clients have a time-limited, non-exclusive right to use, lease and transfer such results.

The additional conditions for this can be found in the individual agreements entered into upon completion of the Booking.

2.3 Position of the contractor

Contractors are not employed by I woof. In addition to the performance of the Assignment, the Contractor does not have the right to represent I woof U in relation to the Client or third parties.

2.4 Service

The service consists of a marketplace for arranging and providing dog care or dog walks. When carrying out Assignments, the additional terms apply, in addition to these Terms, which are stated in I woof Us’ agreement for customers.

2.6 Terms of use of the Service

In order to use the Service as a Contractor, you must provide the Service’s name, social security number, e-mail address and any telephone number in order to be relevant for carrying out the Assignment. Additional information that may be required to be able to use the Service in full is the profile picture and e-mail address. In order to be relevant for carrying out an Assignment, you must also create a profile, “I woof U-Profile“.

Furthermore, Contractors may need to approve the terms from I woof Us’ payment provider and provide bank account information in order to be able to receive payments made with payment cards for performed Assignments. The Contractor also allows I woof U to share this information with the payment provider so that I woof U can make payments to the Contractor’s bank account for completed Assignments.

To use the Service as a customer, you must always be at least 18 years old and that the Service provides information about name, social security number, e-mail address and telephone number.

Furthermore, I woof U offers both Clients and Contractors the opportunity to identify themselves with the help of a mobile Bank ID. In this way, we can ensure each User’s identity and population registration address.

In woof U may without prior notice to the User restrict, close or terminate a user account belonging to a User who does not comply with these Terms, e.g. the terms in clauses 2.7–2.8 below, agreed terms for Assignments or who otherwise abuse or mismanage the Service or where I woof U otherwise believe that the User causes problems or risks of harm to I woof U or any User of the Service.

2.7 Which Assignments may be carried out within the Service

The Client is responsible for ensuring that the Assignments that are created and / or carried out are permitted in accordance with laws and regulations in force at any given time, and are also otherwise suitable for the individual Contractor. This means, among other things, but not limited to, that the Purchaser may not agree on and / or carry out Assignments that involve dangerous elements.

I woof U has the right to unilaterally and immediately change, limit or cancel Assignments in the event of I woof U’s knowledge or suspicion that unauthorized tasks have been agreed, performed or intended to be performed.

2.8 What information may be provided within the Service

Users are responsible for ensuring that information posted by the User within the Service is correct and that it does not contravene applicable laws and regulations. In the event that I woof U finds that something posted by the User is illegal or otherwise inappropriate, I woof U reserves the right to delete this and / or close the User’s account.

The User guarantees that he has the necessary rights to the User-Generated Content, either by the User creating this (whether it is, for example, an image, an ad text), or that everyone who has participated has given the User permission to use the User-Generated Content on the Website in accordance with these Terms.

User-generated content refers to all such content that Users create and / or post within the Service, such as the content of Ads and I woof U-Profiles, including but not limited to text and image.

This means that the User guarantees that the User-generated content does not contain intellectual property protected material, such as music, film, image, logo or other material that the User is not authorized to use.

The User guarantees that the User has ensured that the persons who can be identified in the User-Generated Content (for example in an image) are aware of how the material will be used and that they have agreed to participate in the User-Generated Content and that I woof U may also use the User-Generated Content for marketing purposes, but always in accordance with our Personal Data Policy. In short, it means the following. By posting User-Generated Content on the Website, for example by placing an advertisement, you give I woof U the right to freely dispose of the User-Generated Content, for example by processing, customizing, storing or copying it and making it available to the public regardless of media channel. Woof Us’ rights remain even after the User-Generated Content has been deleted from the Platform.

You hereby waive all claims for compensation from I woof U for I woof Us’ use of the User-Generated Content.

I woof U is not responsible for the information that Users upload to the Service.

I woof U reserves the right to filter, remove or stop Ads or other User-generated content with offensive or unauthorized content or otherwise violates these Terms, which we have reason to assume violate applicable laws and regulations or which we otherwise consider to be inappropriate.

Each User may only register one user account with I woof U. A User’s account may only be used by the User to whom the registration information relates. It is forbidden to use another User’s account.

Users within the Service have the opportunity to rate other Users after completing the Assignment.

I woof U reserves the right to close accounts that have not been used for 12 months.

2.9 User cessation of use of the Service

Users have the right to stop using the Service at any time.

3. Availability

The app and the Website are available via the internet every day. In woof U, however, reserves the right to close down the App and the Website in the event of updates or maintenance, for example. Furthermore, Users are made aware that downtime, etc. may occur that affect the availability of the Service. However, Woof U does not guarantee the availability of the App or the Website and cannot be held liable for damages that are directly or indirectly caused due to their unavailability, regardless of the reasons for this.

The communication speed between the User’s and I woof Us server depends partly on the User’s choice of data transmission system, and partly on traffic volume. I woof U is not responsible for any disruptions that affect the accessibility of the App, the Website or the Service that may occur due to internet connection, disruptions at the web hotel, during maintenance of the Service or otherwise.

4. Processing of personal data

I woof U aims to be the world’s safest marketplace for services. This includes safeguarding the privacy of our Users and thus also a high level of data protection. By starting to use the Service, you also accept the I woof Us Personal Data Policy. Users are encouraged to read more about exactly what personal data I woof U collects, how personal data is processed, which I woof U may share with others and why in I woof Us Personal Data Policy here.

5. Cookies

A cookie is a text file that is saved on your computer, smartphone, tablet or other device. This text file contains information that is used to ensure that the User has the best possible experience when using the Service. You can manage cookies among the settings in your browser.

I woof U uses cookies only to identify each User as unique but anonymous. Because a cookie is just a small text file that cannot contain viruses, it can not harm your computer in any way. It is also so small that you will not notice that it is on your computer or smartphone.

Although I woof U has no advertising from third-party companies, third-party companies are used to better understand our Users. No private information that could trace the person is shared (such as name, social security number, address, e-mail address or telephone number) to third parties. This works so that during a visit a cookie is stored that allows I woof U to identify the type of User who does what.

It is possible to configure your browser or smartphone to automatically deny cookies or be informed that a website contains cookies. Previously stored cookies can also be deleted through the browser. See the browser’s help pages for more information. The cookies used by I woof U.se only apply to the browser you used when you searched for the Service.

6. Payments

6.1 General information about payments

As a Purchaser, you are obliged to pay for the Assignment performed by payment via the payment solution indicated in the Service. Payment is made by the Contractor reporting the time worked within the App and that the agreed cost is then debited to the Purchaser’s saved payment card. If the Purchaser considers that the hourly report is incorrect, the Purchaser has the right to object to this within 24 hours. The Client does not have the right to withhold its payment for the Service or Assignment, or set off payment against another counterclaim on I woof U or the Contractor, regardless of whether the Client asserts liability for damages, liability for damages or makes another claim against I woof U or the Contractor.

6.2 Payments for Assignments within the service

As a Purchaser, when using the Service, you can only pay for completed Assignments with payment cards. Payment is made via I woof Us payment provider. The Contractor typically receives the money within 5 working days after payment from the Purchaser of the Assignment has been received. When paying by card, the Purchaser also accepts the payment provider’s terms.

When the payment is made, the Purchaser receives a receipt via the Service which contains information about the Assignment and how much the Contractor receives in fees.

8. Tax

Purchase and provision of Assignments in the Service may entail tax liability of various kinds. Each User undertakes to ensure that his tax obligations are fulfilled in a correct and lawful manner.

I woof U does not provide any information or information that is to be construed as advice regarding Users’ obligations under tax law or rules, even if I woof U is helpful in providing the information that is necessary to obtain from I woof U in order for a User to fulfill their tax commitments in Sweden. I woof U also does not undertake any obligation to notify Users if laws, regulations or practices should change. It is each User’s own responsibility to ensure that applicable rules are followed when using the Service.

I woof U is responsible for the accuracy of the information in the control information that I woof U is responsible for, but is under no circumstances responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by the User or anyone else in I woof U.

9. Limitation of liability

The service is mainly a digital marketplace through which Assignments can be completed. I woof U has limited control over the Assignments that are carried out. Users should not assume that an offer, Assignment or the content of an Advertisement is legal or permitted simply because it appears on the Platform. I woof U assumes no responsibility for any damage that the Client incurs in the performance of the Assignment, with the exception of damage that has arisen as a direct result of intent or gross negligence on the part of I woof U. I woof U’s liability for intent or gross negligence in the provision of the Service is in any case limited to direct damage (I woof U is therefore not liable in any case for indirect damages such as loss of profit, loss of data, costs that have become useless or other consequential damages) .

I woof U is not responsible for damage due to delays in the Service or incorrect information in the ad text.

In the event of an error or deficiency regarding the Assignment, the Client shall in the first instance turn directly to the Contractor who has undertaken the Assignment. In this context, the Client is aware that the Contractors are inexperienced and the Client’s expectations of the result of the Assignment can thus not be set as high as if an experienced or professional actor had performed the same work.

You as a User undertake to hold I woof U indemnified in the event that any third party claims compensation due to User-generated content or because you have otherwise acted in violation of these Terms or in violation of applicable law or third party party’s right.

I woof U does not engage in resolving any disputes that arise directly between Users. Any disputes must be resolved directly between the Users.

10. Immaterial rights

10.1 General

The content of the Platform as well as the underlying software and codes are protected under copyright law. The copyright and all other intellectual property rights connected to the Service and the Platform belong to I woof U. The information has for this, among other things. copyright protection as a database under the same law. None of I woof Us’ rights are transferred to Users or others. It is forbidden to use such material without the consent of I woof Us other than within the framework of normal use of the Platform. It is therefore forbidden to make copies – regardless of the technology used – of all or parts of the content on the Platform. Without such consent, it is also forbidden to make all or part of the content on the Platform available to the public through the use of the Internet or in any other way.

The use of automated services, such as robots, spiders, indexing and the like as well as other methods for systematic use of the content on the Platform is not permitted without I woof U prior and written consent.

10.2 Linking

When linking to the Platform, the Platform must always be opened in a new window. The content may never be presented without the prior consent of I woof Us within the framework of another website. It is not permitted to link in such a way that the content of the Platform risks being distorted or misunderstood.

11. Google Maps

In woof U you may need to use the map image and satellite imaging service conventionally known as “Google Maps”, a service provided by Google, Inc., 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA

When a User activates the “Locate me” feature in I woof U, Google may collect and process information about the user’s current geographic location. Depending on the user’s hardware capacity, Google may also collect information about nearby Wifi routers, cell identities in the mobile tower closest to the user, and the strength of Wifi or mobile signals. Google uses this information to return an estimated location to the user’s mobile browser, and the browser will then notify the estimated location to I woof U. For each individual request sent to the Google Location Service, Google may also collect information about e.g. the user’s IP address, the user’s agent and the user’s unique customer identifier. According to Google, this information is used to distinguish requests from each other, not to identify users personally.

More information about Google Location Service and its privacy policy can be found here.

12. Facebook

It is possible to register as a User via Facebook. In woof U will not, without the User’s permission, post anything on the User’s Facebook.

13. Comments / Complaints on the Service

Luna Design is a company at an early stage and therefore seeks ongoing contact with its Users. Comments and / or complaints are gratefully received via email info@iwoofu.se. Users are also asked to immediately report to I woof U any errors or omissions in the Platform that affect Users. Complaints must be submitted as soon as the User discovers an error or defect. Complaints are made to info@iwoofu.se

14. Dispute

Swedish material law shall apply to the Service and these Terms of Use.

If you are a Corporate Client, disputes that arise regarding the application or interpretation of these Terms shall be finally settled by arbitration in accordance with the Rules for Simplified Arbitration for the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce’s Arbitration Institute. The seat of the arbitration shall be Stockholm. The language of the procedure must be Swedish. Swedish law shall be applied to the dispute.

If you are the client, disputes that arise regarding the application or interpretation of these Terms shall finally be decided by a general court. You can also turn to the General Complaints Board (ARN) to have the dispute tried free of charge, read more at www.arn.se.