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Insect-based puppy treats

Puppy treat for the smallest four-legged friend in the family - a dog treat specially developed for the needs of the puppy. Peetgood puppy treats are easy to digest for small stomachs and contain natural antioxidants from cranberries for extra health. The pieces are soft and irresistibly tasty, perfect for your puppy's first moments of training and play!

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Product description


Insect-based dog treats for puppy from Petgood are perfect for rewarding your puppy's training and playtime. They are easily digestible and therefore gentler on the stomach, and contain natural antioxidants from cranberries to support the puppy's immune system. The treats are divisible and soft to suit even the smallest mouths.

Contains no additives. The sweets are suitable from 2 months of age. One bag contains 100 g of candy.

Production: Petgood's insect protein comes from the Netherlands where this candy is also made.

Only protein from insects!

Petgoods dog treats for puppy contain insect protein as the only animal ingredient. Insects are an animal protein source, rich in the same essential amino acids and nutrients that your puppy would get from traditional meat.

Easily digestible puppy treats!

Petgood's protein source, the black soldier fly larva, is highly digestible, making it easy for your puppy's stomach to digest and absorb the valuable nutrition and protein.

Natural antioxidants:

Cranberries provide natural antioxidants to support your puppy's immune system.

Ridiculously good!

This puppy treat is extra tasty to motivate your puppy to train and learn. The small, soft pieces are perfect for even the smallest mouths!

Feeding guide:

Maximum number of pieces per day based on your dog's body weight. 2-5 kg: 10 pieces per day 5-10 kg: 15 pieces per day 10-20 kg: 20 pieces per day 20-30+ kg: 25 pieces per day.

Based on research:

Petgood always follows the latest scientific findings on nutritional recommendations when developing their recipes, and all their products are developed by their own veterinary team alongside small animal nutritionists to ensure an optimal nutritional profile and promote canine health. Together with prominent universities, Petgood's veterinary team is also advancing research on insect protein.

2-5 kg: 10 pieces per day 5-10 kg: 15 pieces per day 10-20 kg: 20 pieces per day 20-30+ kg: 25 pieces per day


Ingredients and nutritional content:


Composition: Black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) larvae (45%), potato flour (14.7%), glycerine (16%), pea flour (10%), sunflower oil (3.5%), cranberries (1%).

Analytical constituents: Crude protein: 27.9%, crude fat: 10.9%, crude ash: 4.2%, plant fibre: 1.4%, sodium: 0.0%, moisture content: 12.5%.

Metabolic energy: 3750 kcal/kg.

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