A community of pet parents and walkers

A digital meeting place for dogs and dog owners. Connect with other dog owners and discuss about your loved dogs or get in contact with dog walkers and sitters that can give you and your dog a better quality of life.


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Dog walking

Whether you are a pet owner or a walker, I Woof U connects you with others so you can take awesome dogs for walk or find someone to walk your own pet if you are unavailable!

Pet sitting

Need a someone to take care of your pet for a weekend or while you go on a trip? We have you covered! Make a post and get contacted by sitters near you.

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Lost & Found alerts

If your pet goes missing, you can make a post that will alert other community members so they can also help looking for your pet. Or make a found post to locate the owner of a missing pet you found.

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Give youself and your dog a happier life!
Are you looking for a dogwalker or dog sitter when you need to be at work? Tired of expensive dog day care`
Download the app and search for dog walkers and sitters in your area.
You can also search for other dogs in the explorer function or alert the community inside the app if your dog goes missing!

The team

Eleonor Magnusson

Eleonor is the driving force behind I woof U! she has a great love for dogs and is passionate about the opportunity to increase the well being for the dogs.

David Magnusson

Dog lover with a degree in master of science. He has over 20 years of experience in leadership and organization development.


The star of I Woof U! An English Cocker Spaniel. 14 kg of unconditional love and the inspiration for I woof U!